Below are some common questions we've received. Maybe a few of them are ones you haven't considered.
We thought you might want to browse this list and learn a little more about our operation.
Please feel free to contact us for further clarification or specific information regarding your wedding!


What is your turnaround time? 
It depends on the time of year, but typically we deliver wedding photos in less than 2-4 weeks. We can turn around engagement photos and bridal photos much faster, especially when they’re needed for Save The Dates or prints for the wedding day.

How many photographers will be there? 
Most of our photo packages include 2 photographers, but we also offer cheaper packages that include a single photographer. Some venues, budgets, and timelines work best with a 2 photographer team, while others are more fit for a single photographer.

Do I get the rights to my photos? 
Yes. We have a ‘shared rights’ agreement in our contract that allows you to share, print, and possess the highest resolution version of your photos. The one thing you can’t do is make money selling them.

How many photos will I receive?
For short wedding days, it could be around 150-300. For longer ones, it could be around 300-500. We can provide a more accurate estimate for you if you get in touch with us.

How are our photos delivered to us?
We deliver a link to an online gallery, which is simple and beautifully organized. There is a ‘download’ button in that gallery that allows you to immediately receive your photos. This gets you your photos immediately, as opposed to waiting for a disc in the mail. It also protects you from potentially losing your photos if they only existed on a disc of some kind.

What is your approach to capturing a wedding day? 
We tend to take a more journalistic approach to your day, capture the actual day as it is unfolding, while at the same time utilizing our time to get the most out of every part of your day.  We will be present for all wonderful moments while at the same time staying out the way so those moments feel completely natural.  We do not impose our timeline onto your wedding day. We work with the day-of coordinators and other vendors to help the day go as smoothly as possible.

How much editing/‘photoshopping’ do you do?
We color correct and enhance every single photo we deliver to our clients. We do not drastically alter the likeness of our subjects - meaning we only do minimal blemish reduction by default. Contact us if you have specific requests, though. We can remove certain scars, whiten teeth, etc., but if it adds too much time to our post processing, we might need to work out an additional editing fee. We encourage people to speak with us after seeing their gallery, and choose specific photos to be more heavily edited. Many times people are surprised at how great they look, since we’re always searching for flattering light and angles.

Do you have a list of photos (or a ‘shot list’) that you always get? 
It’s more like a mental default list. We’ve developed an approach to each wedding where we shoot the most important things we know are typically happening, but we’ve found that exhaustive lists create a hindrance where we’re searching for each shot, rather than capturing the natural happenings of your unique wedding day. We do love to see lists from our clients of what they’re expecting, but we encourage our clients to be flexible and know that they will end up with way more photos than is on their list.

How much time do you spend taking photos of us?
Every wedding day is different - some clients want to spend more time on portraits,  some don’t care about portraits and would rather only have more journalistic photos, so we’ll work closely with you and your timeline to determine how much time you want to spend on portraits of the two of you, your wedding party & family.  There is also a stigma about photos taking a long time after the ceremony, especially during group family portraits. This is one part of the wedding day where we work ahead of time with our clients to create a shot list, so we can quickly move on to the next grouping of family members. We’ve shot very large families with many combinations in less than 15-20 minutes after the ceremony, because we were prepared for that time in the wedding day. It’s all about being prepared.

Do we have to do a first look before the ceremony?
No. We love ‘first looks’ (where the bride and groom see each other beforehand and have a moment alone together), but we also love the traditional approach. This is your wedding. Do it your way, and we’ll make it look great.

Why do you offer printing credit if I have the printing rights? 
It’s purely as a courtesy for booking one of our higher-end packages. There’s no pressure to use us for printing after you’ve used your credit. If you do not wish to even use the free printing credit we offer, that’s fine as well.



What is the turnaround time for highlight and ceremony and BluRay delivery?
During our busier seasons, it can take around 3-5 months to finish a highlight and/or ceremony video. We deliver these videos online first, so the client can see their video as soon as possible, and then we send the BluRay discs (if they are part of the video package) in the following weeks. Contact us to get a more accurate estimate for your wedding.

Do I have any say in song choices? 
All of our songs must be legally licensed. If you want a song that is extremely popular by a very well known artist, chances are their licensing fees are in the thousands of dollars. However, we have several great resources of local artists and licensing websites that provide a large catalog of various genres, and we’ve found some incredible music for our videos. If you want to offer input in song selection, we will send you a list of songs we have licensed, and you can select from that list. We can work together to find something that is appropriate for your footage.

Can you describe your style of wedding video?
Our highlight videos are, as the name suggests, videos that show the highlights of your wedding day. We shoot clips all day long, ending up with hundreds of different moments. We’ll take the best shots and set them to music, creating an irreplaceable representation of your wedding. We like to keep the video in chronological order, so that you can actually re-live your wedding in the order it really happened. There’s something sacred about the chronology of a wedding day - the anticipation, the preparation, the nerves, the ceremony and all of it’s emotions and surrealism, then the reception where everyone cuts lose and soaks in the whole day.

How long will my wedding video be?
Highlight videos range from 5-12 minutes, depending on the day and the selected video package. Contact us for a more accurate estimate.

How many videographers will be there? 
We have two main video packages - Basic and ‘Standard. Basic packages include one videographer, and Standard packages include two videographers.

Can we meet to discuss my ideas/vision for my video?
Yes. We love meeting with our clients ahead of time to hear their ideas and get on the same page.

Does my highlight video include audio?
We offer ‘live audio integration’ as an add-on feature for two reasons : 
1 : many people do not want their vows, letter readings, or conversations during their first look to be broadcast to the world
2 : we are able to offer the lowest possible package pricing by offering audio integration as an optional add-on

How is our video delivered to us?
With our ‘Basic’ packages, they are delivered digitally via an online link, with the ability to download the file
With our ‘Standard’ packages, they are delivered digitally first, then burned onto customized BluRay discs & mailed to you
Additional BluRay discs are available for purchase separately, and you can also add a BluRay onto a Basic Package.

Do we get a re-edit if we don’t like our video?
We offer a re-editing service, but we rarely have to change a video we’ve delivered to a client. In the event of a re-edit, we will discuss what changes are desired, and figure out the most appropriate way to proceed.


How many weddings do you do a year?
We typically handle around 75 weddings per year. This has been a great number for us so far, allowing us to truly focus on each wedding and give each one the devotion and attention it deserves.

How does your pricing work?
We have a well structured pricing catalog, but we understand that every wedding is unique. We love hearing what our customers are looking for, and accommodating in any way we possibly can. We offer discounts when multiple services (photo, video, and/or photobooth) are combined. We can modify our package contents if necessary. We have to keep our pricing fair and equal for all of our clients, but we are prepared to create customized packages when it is appropriate.

How many shooters do you have?
We are a team of 9 shooters. We have what we call ‘1st photographers/videographers’ and ‘2nd photographers/videographers.’ We always send one of our more experienced first shooters to be the lead, and if your package includes a 2nd shooter, we will send them as well. It is very important to us that every shooter, whether it’s a 1st or 2nd shooter, is very familiar and experienced with our workflow and professional/personable style. All of our shooters are closely connected to each other in some way. Some have been shooting together for several years, and others are siblings. Part of our service is sending the most appropriate shooters to your wedding, as some of us are more familiar with certain venues’ rules and lighting conditions, and it makes the wedding day go that much smoother.

What is the process of booking to secure our date? 
We typically require a $1000 deposit at the signing of your contract. The deposit and signed contract are required to reserve your date. The remaining balance is due on or before your wedding day. Sometimes we work with people who need a few extra months after their wedding day to pay off their balance. We are flexible and accommodating on payment plans, as we realize there are many expenses involved in weddings.

Why should we hire you?
We love when clients book us based not only on our body of work and style of photography/videography, but also based on our personalities and the way we treat our clients. We limit ourselves to booking a manageable number of weddings per year, so that we can establish a lasting relationship with our clients. We want our clients to call us after their wedding day for discounted pricing on family photos. We love being able to celebrate other great milestones in our clients' lives, such as anniversaries, births, etc 

How did you get started doing this? Do you only shoot weddings? 
Atria Creative was formed as a collective of creative people who realized that collaborating on photo/video/audio/design work yielded a more beautiful product and a more rewarding process than if we all worked independently of each other.  Half of what we do each year is wedding-related, but the other have is spent dabbling in a mixture of local business media, corporate media, music videos, non-profit media, product photography, and a handful of other artistic projects. 

Can I purchase the raw photos or video footage? 
Yes, absolutely. If you’re a photographer or editor, or if you just want to see the many unedited photos or video clips we didn’t include in your final gallery or video edit, we would love to provide you with any additional media from your wedding that you might want. We have raw footage/photos fees, priced based on the type of media you’re needing. 

What is your cancellation policy?
Our contracts state that the client is liable for 50% of the total upon signing. In the few times we have had client cancel their wedding, we have attempted to make up at least some of this cost by providing a family photo session as a courtesy.

What kind of equipment do you use?
We primarily use Canon products. We have over 25 lenses and 7 camera bodies. We own all of the industry standard lenses, as well a large collection of the nicest lenses ever released by Canon (their ‘L’ series). Many wedding days have very dim lighting, especially during the reception, and we have the fastest (brightest, smoothest) lenses created specifically for that.