We've finally arrived at our 5th installment of "The Team" series, where we focus on each Atria team member & learn a little more about what makes them tick! 

Check back every week for a new post featuring one of our team members! 

This week we've reached out to one of our videographers & editors, Seth McCarroll!  He has his foot in both camps of the office building we share with Old Blood Noise Endeavors.  We love having Seth as a part of our team & love collaborating with him on Old Blood projects!


Age : 33

Hometown : Oklahoma City

Education : Film and Video Studies at University of Oklahoma

Years/Months working with Atria : I’ve been a part of Atria since the beginning.

Involvement with Atria : Production videographer and photographer; video and photo post production.

Favorite lens : Currently it is the Canon EF 24mm f/1,4L II 

Main photo setup : Just hand me a camera.

Favorite Weddings : The Hy Wedding

Favorite Video projects : O'Brother Album-Making-Of at Southern Tracks Studios in ATL, GA

I can’t go a day without : Sleeping. 

I go many days without : Remembering where my hat is. 

If I was a fictional character, I would be : Garth Algar. 

Hidden talent : Navigation.