Welcome to the first installment of 'The Team' - a series dedicated to exploring the people behind Atria.  Because we love getting to know our clients - their background, stories, and passions - we wanted to share ours with you!  It's a chance to have a look inside our brains & see what gets us fired up, and also what superpower we wish we had.  Check back every week for a new post featuring one of our team members! 


First up is the one & only Blake Studdard - our fearless leader, and creator/owner of Atria Creative.

Age : 28

Hometown : Tulsa OK, but I’ve lived in Norman OK for 10 years

Education : I have a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications, and minors in Art History and Photography

Years with Atria : since it officially started in January of 2014

Involvement with Atria : owner/founder of Atria. I primarily shoot photos and run the business, but I shoot video, record music, and dabble in graphic design projects as well.

Favorite Lens : Canon 85mm 1.2 for portraits. Canon 50mm 1.2 if I was trapped on a deserted island, and had a full frame sensor. 35mm 1.4 if it was cropped.

Main photo Setup : Canon 5D Mark III, 24mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.2, and a 600ex-rt flash.

Favorite Weddings : the Steele wedding (January 2014) at the Mayo in Tulsa, OK and the Colclasure wedding (February 2015) in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Favorite Photo Projects : A corporate event in Laguna Beach, California, and a styled in-studio fashion shoot for The Social Club in Norman.

Favorite Video Projects : live recording footage for O'Brother at an historic studio in Atlanta, and all of the Old Blood Noise Endeavors / 'Coffee and Riffs' video projects.

I can’t go a day without : coffee.

I go many days without : adequate hours of sleep, showering, eating breakfast, eating lunch.

If I was a fictional character, I would be : Jerry’s character in Seinfeld, minus the comedian part. but then I’ll turn into Frank Costanza when I’m old.

Hidden talent : I have weirdly stretchy skin, especially my cheeks. on my face. my face cheeks.