Well, folks - after a short break from the series, we're back at it with the 3rd installment of our series "The Team", giving you a little glimpse into the lives of the staff at Atria & what we're made of!

Check back every week for a new post featuring one of our team members! 

This week, we're featuring one of our lead photographers, Becky Rice.  Not only has she been shooting with Blake the longest (before the existence of Atria), she has played an integral role in helping shape Atria's style of photography & we're so thankful to call her part of the family! 



Age : 31!

Hometown : Beggs, OK

Education : Bachelors Degree from the University of Oklahoma

Years/Months working with Atria : Since the beginning, but I've been shooting since 2009

Involvement with Atria : Lead Photographer

Favorite lens : Depends on the day and what I'm shooting but probably either the 35mm or the 70-200mm

Main photo setup : my go-to photo setup would be the 5d mark iii with my trusty 35mm paired with the beauty of natural light

Favorite Weddings : The ones where brides are happy and enjoying their day.  I also love traveling for work so destination weddings or out-of-state weddings are fun too!

Favorite Photo projects : They are usually personal projects that no one ever sees. I like trying new things... learning new tricks my camera can do... and messing around as a way to explore photography

Favorite Video projects : Videos of my kids... they're ridiculously awesome.

I can’t go a day without : Kissing my husband (who is sooooo good looking), snuggling my babies, talking to Jesus, and dreaming of where I'll travel to next.

I go many days without : Updating anything related to social media...

If I was a fictional character, I would be : Reepicheep from the Chronicles of Narnia

Hidden talent : I've been writing poetry lately... I'm not sure how much talent I have but that's been hidden anyway