Toby and Mike know how to throw a party weekend for out-of-towners. 

With almost half of the wedding guests from NYC, they decided to show their big-city friends and relatives that, yes, OKC has some hip bars & restaurants, but by driving just 10 minutes outside of the city, you’ll find guns & tractors. And the day before their wedding, they did just that and took their guests to the Treadwell family farm to live like an Okie for a day.  

The next day they celebrated at The Red Barn on Waldo’s Pond, and had one of the most entertaining but laid-back wedding days we’ve had the honor of shooting. We had a full team (2 photographers, 2 videographers), and loved capturing the day to it’s fullest.  Despite having many guests, everything took place & fit wonderfully on the Red Barn property.  With fancied-up barbecue, an open bar, and a large cityscape mural of NYC on the outdoor dance floor, it was a perfect mixture of city sophistication & red dirt, Oklahoma vibes. I felt like I got to know them personally just by walking around and taking in all the details.

One of the most unique things about their reception were the place settings. For months leading up to the wedding day, Toby, her mother, and others gathered all the vintage china they could find at thrift stores and garage sales form all over the country, and ended up with the neatest collection of dishes and silverware for each of their many tables. I don’t envy the amount of work it took to pull that off, but their efforts paid off as their decorations were incredible.

Thanks for hiring us, Toby and Mike!  We were inspired by your incredibly relaxed, yet precisely detailed wedding day.