We love collaborating with creative people.  It's fun to brainstorm, get out of our comfort zone, and work out how to make their vision a reality.  Lately, Mark has been working with some incredibly talented people to produce some edgier, more expressive photography.  Mark has an effortless talent for capturing not only the character of an individual, but he is able to bring out their unique features and capture the spirit of those moments.

Whether it's a fresh take on headshots, a yoga instructor in motion, capturing a painter at work in her studio, a conceptual portrait session , or college senior portraits. we love pushing our creative boundaries & finding new ways of producing images.  It allows us to flex our creative muscles & ultimately makes us better at our job.

As the fall wedding season is winding down, we'll have more time on our hands which means more time for creative projects!  So, if you have a photo or video project floating around your head that you've been wanting to explore, send us an email because we'd LOVE to be involved!  Email : kristen@atriacreative.co